Hello All!

Here to tell you about CAM Orse Publishing. We are hoping to develop some great posts about all the different ways to utilize online and social media to help with publishing material in today’s ever expanding technological world.

If you ever thought about writing something?  Then you brainstorm ideas, and when it comes down to getting to work, you don’t know where to turn? The internet and a google search can become overwhelming with all the results that pop up.

So, we hope to bring some value to you and what ever it is that you would like to one day, hopefully sooner than later, get published is some capacity.

Depending on what your interests are if it is written work, photography, artwork, cookbook… whatever it is that you are passionate about, we hope to help push you closer to your goal. If you are into woodworking or restoring old furniture, then there are many ways to publish and display your work out to the masses. Using social medial and local business listings through search engines like google are a great way to get recognized and have a following.

A wedding photographer should always have an online portfolio for potential clients to see the wide variety of work they are capable of doing. A great example of a photographer’s online portfolio that publishes their work is seen on James Anthony Photography site. He is a wedding photographer in RI, you can check him out here at www.jamesanthonyphotograpy.com. His photos are clear, crisp, and well displayed for all to see what he is capable of creating within his craft. When you see someone’s work published for all to see and it is done in away that allows others to connect to it on a personal, human level, then you know you did a good job. And at then end of the day that is what it is about. You have crafted something that brings happiness or a sense of emotion to others,  which is a beautiful thing.

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Hello All!

Been busy with so many projects lately, meeting some deadlines before the holiday season!

But I am back and ready for some more helpful information…hopefully!

There are thousands of DIY tutorials, directions, videos and more all over the internet. Lots of experts offer their “Tips” or “Top 10 Lists” or Top 10 Things to Do” as well. Sometimes it is hard to figure out who the experts are and who are not.  If you are an expert in a specific field or training, publishing these types of posts, publications, brochures, or even just right on your website or blog, are good ways to get started. When writing a list of tips, DIY instructions or anything that is meant to help people, try to hone in on something you are qualified to write about and or have had experience or training for. When you demonstrate that you are the “EXPERT” the more people will finish reading your information.  Another important aspect of this type of writing is to try to focus on information that will help people solve a problem. The more helpful, and solution providing, your article, post, or content you have on your website is, the more likely you are to have people read it….all.

One of our recent consults involved a content writer for service providers. She wanted to help home owners with signs to look for issues with their roofs throughout the various seasons in their climate. You can see what she wrote about for one of her clients that are roofers in RI. She provided content for Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall’ titled The Weather and Your Roof. So she published this content not only to help readers, but also to help people who really may need help with their roof. This way they can get help and the services needed before there is a huge, costly issue.

There are thousands of applications for writing Tips, DIY, and Top 10 Lists! Get started Today!

Things to remember:

Solve Problems!

Be The Expert!

Write About Things You Have Experience With!