Honing in on Your Craft

Hello Friends!

We have begun to talk about publishing work of yours that is something you are passionate about. The problem in today’s world is that with the internet there is always the next “shiny thing” that comes up either when you search for something on google or when you are scrolling through your facebook page.

The problem is that Everyone is now a guru or expert in some field that if you sign up with them you will get the “same results” as they do.The problem is that is mostly likely not the case. Some expert entrepreneurs believe, as we do, that if you are not willing to work harder, build a brand for yourself, and to not quit even when things get shaky, then it will not work. We are not trying to sound insensitive, but more like not wanting to sugar coat the fact that being your boss, running your own business and building a brand by publishing your work takes lots of hard work. There is just no way around it. Check out this article here, from USA Today about this very topic. It is insightful.

So we are here to help you get focused in on what you are truly passionate about and what you are really good at doing. Because we believe that if you are not passionate about what you are doing for work, along with being really good at it, then you will most likely not achieve the level of success you desire. So no matter what type of work you create, you know you will work hard enough to get it out there for others to enjoy as well.

We’ll be back soon with more!