Do What You Love

Hello All!

Today we are going to write about doing what you love.  No matter what you want to do for a living, you should do something you love.  Doing what you love is what will bring great success and feelings of contentment.  I recently came across a blog by a woman who has a passion for fashion history from all different eras. She is a great writer and blogs about her historical fashion presentations and workshops that she offers.  After teaching a local university, she set out to open her own vintage store and provide a program of presentations to educate people about all the different styles of vintage clothing, fashion statements, reasoning behind the trends, be them because of the economical situation of the time period or due to a wartime period of events.  At her local antique store in Rhode Island, she holds events where people from her community attend a night of talk, discussions, and the opportunity to try on vintage clothing. She also presents her lectures at local historical society events and libraries. Her blog, Spirits of Fashion, is a testament to her knowledge and passion for bringing the past to today. Check her out at her website page here. She has honed in on what she loves and because she loves her craft so much, others get excited and inspired too!